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Cancelation Policy

You'll get a full refund, minus credit-card processing fees, for any cancelation more than 28 days prior to your check-in. After that, we can only refund your stay if we are able to rebook your tent.

We do not offer refunds or reschedules due to weather.  Twenty-two years in Texas has given me this little pearl of wisdom: the sky often doesn't produce rain when the forecast calls for it. Chances are good that it won't rain after all.

If it does rain, our tents are cozy and dry, and they might be the best place in the hill country to watch a rainstorm.

What's the Difference Between the 3 Grand Tents?

The Grand tents are almost identical to each other, except for their locations and slightly differing decor. The lofts in the Grand Tesoro and Grand Aztec are a bit roomier than the loft in the Grand Aztec.

The Bathhouse

A shared bathhouse is located between all of the tents, about a 30-second walk. The bathhouse consists of two enclosed, heated showers that can be locked for privacy, two sinks, and an indoor toilet. While many guests are a little nervous about sharing a bathhouse, everyone tells us it's actually nicer than they expected and not bad at all to share. With only four tents, it's never crowded out here. 

The Grand Tesoro is closest to the bathhouse, and the Grand Arrow is the farthest, but still only a 30-second walk.

We provide towels in the Grand Tents (not the mini tent), and fuzzy robes in the winter time to make the walk super cozy. You'll want to bring toiletries and flip-flops for showering.

What to Bring

We've got just about everything you'll need, and we tried to think of everything.

Pack like you would for any cabin or overnight, plus flip flops for showering, toiletries, and firewood. We also have firewood available for $1 per log onsite. It's an honor system, just keep track of what you use and Venmo us @TalulaMesa.  You do need to pack groceries and ice, but not water. There's a water cooler on-site.

Amenities In the Grand Tents

  • Coffee setup: Electric kettle, French press, mugs.  Coffee grounds and tea are kept in the common area.

  • A mini refrigerator

  • Bedding: light in the summer, soft down comforters, electric blankets for colder nights

  • AC in the summer, propane indoor fireplaces for the winter

  • Handwoven Turkish towels, 100% cotton

  • Warm, fuzzy robes for the winter

  • The outdoor lanterns that you see in the photos

  • Hammocks that can be hung indoors or outdoors on the covered porch

  • Paper towels

Towels hanging copy.jpg

Amenities in the Common Area

The following ammenties are available self-serve style for guests to share. Please put away anything that you get out so that other guests can use it, too.

Cooking Area:

  • Microwave

  • Full-sized refrigerator and freezer

  • Propane grills (propane is stocked)

  • Basic cooking supplies (cutting boards, knives, foil, baggies, plastic wrap, spatulas, tongs, mixing bowl, can opener, cheese grater, wine key, plates/bowls/cups/utensils, napkins, paper towels, salt/pepper, grill spray, and a cast-iron skillet that can be used on the grill.

  • Coffee supplies: French press (water can be heated in the microwave)

  • Coffee grounds, tea, and sugar

Water cooler: Don't bring water; we've got it covered. Bring a water bottle and refill from our cooler.


  • Corn hole

  • Bocce ball

  • Volleyball

  • Badminton

  • Frisbees, soccer balls, football, kickball

  • Kids' bowling

  • Swings

Yoga mats: Take one to your porch, your tent, or to our private yoga hut for a spectacular view. The yoga hut is located down the hill from the grill. Take the stone steps down and look for the covered wooden yoga "hut" on the right.

Outdoor blankets

Fire-making supplies: We have matches and cardboard to get you started. Bring your own firewood or use ours for $1/log. It's an honor system. Just keep track of what you use and Venmo us @TalulaMesa.

Pets & Emotional Service Animals

We do not allow animals of any kind. We used to allow dogs, and while we love them, they simply caused too much damage. Sadly, we no longer allow dogs or any animals. 

Emotional Service Animals are not allowed. 

Trained Service Dogs are allowed. Please let us know at the time of booking, and be prepared to show paperwork and describe the task your Service Dog performs. 

Outdoor Movies

Did we tell you we thought of everything?

We've got an outdoor projector that you're welcome to borrow. It's best to download a movie to your laptop or tablet before you come and hook it up to the projector. Instructions and cables are included. 

*Put everything back right away so that the dust and rain doesn't damage anything, and so that other guests can use it.

We keep an extension cord and a fabric movie screen in the common area (it's in the wooden storage bin under the microwave). The screen has clips on the corners and we hang it from some anchors/strings in the tree grove towards the volleyball net. You'll see the big logs that we use to sit on or lean against for movies. We've got outdoor blankets and pillows to complete the setup and keep you cozy for your movie.

We ask guests to communicate with each other and share the movie area. 


We don't have WI-FI, but we get excellent cell coverage. We use our phones as hotspots for our laptops, and are able to handle zoom calls without any trouble. Working from our tents is easy.

Movie night.jpg

Paddleboards & Kayaks

Guests are welcome to borrow our paddleboards and kayaks for the lake. You'll need to load them onto your car; it's a 2-minute drive to the nearest lake access at Turkey Bend Recreation Area, which has a $5 entry fee.

Also nearby are Gloster Bend Recreation Area, Shaffer Bend Recreation Area, and Camp Creek Park.

We have straps to tie the boats to your roof, and pool noodles in case you don't have a roof rack. Pool noodles will protect your car from getting scratched. We also have lifejackets, but can't guarantee that we'll have your size. We keep some adult and child sizes on hand.

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